Nebraska Weed Free Forage Certification Program

Who Should Purchase and
Promote Certified Forage?

  Producers and Consumers commited
  to keeping private and public lands
  free of noxious weeds.

  Forage Buyers who transport forage
  products across national, state, and
  county boundries.

  Hunters, sportsman, and outfitters
  using livestock on federal, state or
  private lands for hunting/fishing
  and recreation excursions must
  carry certified forage only.

  State and Federal agencies which
  feed livestock and wildlife on
  federal, state or private lands or
  initiate re-vegetation projects.

Where is Certified Forage Required?

        Public and provincial lands that require Weed Free Forage

             U.S. Forest Service
             Bureau of Land Managment
             National Parks and Monuments
             Bureau of Reclamation
             Military Reservations
             Tribal Lands
             National Fish & Wildlife Refuges

        The Nebraska Department of Roads is requiring certified weed
        free forage on highway projects. Restrictions may apply to other
        lands administered by provincial, county, state, or federal
        agencies. Contact the County Weed Superintendent for current
        certification information.

How is Forage Certified?

        Contact the weed superintendent in your county to make an
        inspection prior to harvesting. Certification is based on a
        thorough visual inspection. A "Certificate of Inspection" form
        is issued to the producer/landowner if the crop meets the North
        American Weed Managament Association requirements. The
        forage certification includes surrounding ditches, fence rows,
        roads, and easement, right-of-way or buffer zones surrounding
        the outside edge of the crop.
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